The animation program, “Huggto!Precure” which airs on television every Sunday, ended this week with its final episode.
The program is for little children around preschool going age (especially girls).
First, I thought it was a program for little children and imagined how cheesy that was, but as I watched the episodes with my daughters, I actually enjoyed all of them to bits.

The theme of the program was”raising children”. The catchphrases were, “You can do anything. You can become anyone. Embrace your shining future.”. Sounds just what our preschool is aiming for. (LOL) We are going to educate the children to be independent and confident about their dreams, desires, and achievements.

It was also interesting how the television animation program also addressed issues of gender by casting a boy for the first time in its series, with dishonest companions, bullying, together with other social issues.

Again. I was impressed by how amusing Japanese animation was, but looking at the credits roll, there were many names of foreigners. I felt that Japanimation is also becoming international!