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  • 🌜Edvation×Summit 2019 参加!🌛 🌜Attending Edvation × Summit 2019🌛
🌜Edvation×Summit 2019 参加!🌛 🌜Attending Edvation × Summit 2019🌛

先日東京で開催されたEdvation×Summit 2019に参加してきました!
I attended a meeting called Edvation × Summit 2019 in Tokyo recently!

テクノロジーを活用した教育イノベーション の推進を目的とした国際カンファレンスで、国内外からITや教育分野のパイオニアが一堂に会しました。

It was an international conference that aimed at involving technology with educational innovations in modern practice. There were guests and pioneer teachers in IT and educational backgrounds from all over the world.


Mayors, school representatives, CEOs of companies related to IT, educators, and other VIPs attended the meeting, and I was probably the only one who attended as a head of preschool. The focus was more on higher education than Early Years education. However, the meeting was both fruitful and stimulating.


There were lectures and panel discussions that were related to English learning and international education as well.


This person is the deputy head of N High School, which is an online institution. I wanted to meet him in person.

This is Mr. Morimoto from a company called tanQ. He knew much about International Baccalaureate and inquiry learning.


I met this person who is working on a very interesting innovation. It is called “Space Post”. A satellite is going to load up letters from different people and fly them up to space. The letters will then be processed into shooting stars with the hope and prayers that people’s dreams may come true. The name of our preschool sparked an interest in the innovator to think that we are closely related to space and he kindly agreed to let us participate as well by allowing our children to present their wishes and future dreams. The wishes and dreams of MIP children will fly into space soon. How wonderful!



Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in IB education at Melbourne University online and actually experiencing the pros and cons of online education. The world’s technology is changing rapidly like never before with the use of 5G, AI, Iot, etc. Education and childcare, especially in Early Years need to change, too. However, it is also important that people directly meet face to face and build good interpersonal relationships, especially in the Early Years, where children need to have rich experience in real-life situations. We need to keep on thinking of ways to best adapt the use of technology in education so that life becomes better and happier for children, parents, and staff.